Food Bloggers of Canada 2014

Last Saturday I headed downtown for my first ever blogging conference. My friend Sarah brought it to my attention a few weeks ago, and said she was attending the Food Bloggers of Canada conference here in Vancouver - I couldn't pass up on a day pass, so I registered! I was so nervous - and excited. I was more nervous about the conference itself and was so stoked to finally have the chance to meet a blogger I look up to! *Little side note: Sarah and I have known each other for almost 5 years now. We both had babies at the same time (I kid you not. James and B are 10 days apart and Grey and E are 13 days apart - CRAZY!) * Anyways, Saturday came - I had all my stuff packed - business cards ready to go and my little notebook to jot down anything I felt I could use. You see, this was a food bloggers conference and I'm not 100% a 'food blogger' - but I still thought it would be neat to go. I got downtown and met up with Sarah - finally after all these years! It was great to meet … [Continue reading]

Snack Attack: Nuts and Bolts


Thought I would share a snack recipe this week! This Nuts & Bolts recipe comes from my Grandma - I can remember snacking on this around the holidays or when I saw my Dad. In fact - I think my sister got a huge tub of it one year. Everyone loves it - Chris can't get enough of it. Seriously. The batch that I made is gone. I kid you not. It's gone. I want to say this is a copy cat recipe of the store bought nuts and bolts, but I was lazy and I didn't go and find the Bugles. Where I shop, they never have them, so I made up my own version... well I 'adapted' the recipe I guess. Anyways, it's super simple to make and if you package it up in a mason jar and tie some ribbon around the top, it makes a perfect hostess gift. What you will need: Note - this is half of the recipe I have. 1/2 lbs butter 2 tsp. garlic powder 1 tsp. each onion salt, celery salt 1 Tbsp. Worcestershire sauce 1 200g box Cheese Nips 1 200g bag of pretzel sticks 2 1/2 cups peanuts 2 1/4 cups … [Continue reading]

Four Year Blogiversary Giveaway!

Blogiversary Giveaway

I've been writing this blog for almost four years now! It's been a crazy ride so far... so much has changed since I started back in 2010. Name changes, theme changes.. even a platform change. I have grown not just in numbers but as a writer as well. I wanted to celebrate with all of you... so how about a giveaway??!! Enter for your chance to win a $15.00 Amazon gift card - you get to buy whatever you like with your winnings.   Entry-Form Thank you to all my readers for making the past four years amazing! Much love to you all xoxo … [Continue reading]

Catch the Moment 365 _ Week 41


Its been one of those weeks... I am so glad today is Friday. I'm going to keep this short and sweet. Another week of mumble jumble photos. An Instagram photo made it's way in - I don't know how that happened. I even took my camera with us when we went Halloween costume shopping - I never even took the damn thing out. Oh! I've got a repeater - and some outtakes from the boys. HELLO FRIDAY! Hello Week 41! So glad it's Friday - so looking forward to tomorrow. Linking up as always with Mindi from Simply Stavish, Stephanie from Behind the Camera and Dreaming and Sarah over at Nurse Loves Farmer.   Catch the Moment 365 _ Week 41 283 | 365 Unleashed   284 | 365 Fall has arrived   285 | 365   286 | 365 OOTD   287 | 365 Outtake   288 | 365 Snack time   289 | 365 Backyard color   … [Continue reading]

Classic Pumpkin Pie


OK so I totally dropped the ball on getting this recipe up before Thanksgiving. As you can tell I didn't get to it. But I have it up now, so bookmark it.. Pin it.. whatever floats your … [Continue reading]



I'm taking a page from my good friend Sarah over at Nurse Loves Farmer - she does her Currently updates every now and then and I thought it was very fitting for a post today. Obsessing … [Continue reading]

Ukrainian Perogies


After I made my Baba's borscht, I have had a craving for perogies.. and I'm not talking about the ones from the grocery store. I'm talking about the recipe that has been passed down from my great … [Continue reading]

Thanksgiving 2014


This past weekend we celebrated Thanksgiving here in Canada. We celebrated with my in laws, and some close family friends. As usual, we all had a wonderful time. There was a lot of laughter, some … [Continue reading]

Forty Weeks of Catch the Moment


Forty weeks down, twelve to go! This weeks photos are a mumble jumble of everything really. We celebrated Chris' birthday... I woke James up by using my flash in the backyard after bedtime (oops!), … [Continue reading]

Homemade Mac & Cheese


I love macaroni and cheese. It is one of my favorite comfort foods, and in this house, we are all about comfort foods. The best part of making this simple dish is that the boys love it. Always … [Continue reading]