Snapshot Sunday _ Week Three


Welcome to week three of Snapshot Sunday! I'm actually shocked that I got a full week worth of photos to share today. I swore I missed a day, but apparently I didn't. I've been in the kitchen pretty much all week, so I thought most of them would be of food. Surprisingly only one food photo made it this week. I have a bunch of new recipes to share and have been working on on my food photography, but this week I managed some great shots of the boys. 1/18/15 My five year old! Gosh, it's still odd to me. I go next month to register him for kindergarten, and he couldn't be more excited.   1/19/15 It's been a while since I had fresh tulips in the house, so when I saw them while grocery shopping, I had to grab a bunch. Tis the season of spring flowers!   1/20/15 I laughed so hard when I looked at this shot. This is a classic Chris face.   1/21/15 Gorgeous sunrise. I just happened to peek outside and went running down the stair … [Continue reading]

Currently Vol 3


It's been a while since I did a Currently post - the last one was back... oh hell I don't know - November!! Had to look that one up. My life right now in one word right now: hectic Anyways, here's what is currently going on... Reading For Christmas I was given a Chapters gift card - I love Chapters, and I was on the hunt for a good food photo book - this one called Food Photography for Bloggers by Matt Armendariz - came highly recommended... and guess what!? This book has so many amazing tips, and tricks. So happy with this purchase. I should also say that I have my nose so deep into some new smut that it's not even funny. I am patiently waiting to head back to Chapters to find some new reading material, as I am almost done a 5 book series. Listening to At this very moment - Ellie Gouldings new song, Love Me Like You Do. But I have also been listening to Sia over and over again. Elastic Heart has been stuck in my head for a week now. Taylor Swift is still … [Continue reading]

Loaded Waldorf Salad

Loaded Waldorf Salad

I'll admit I had no idea what the heck a Waldorf salad was until I scarfed one down at my cousins wedding. It was a simple salad made with micro greens, fresh apples, plump grapes and some toasted walnuts. The dressing was light, yet flavorful, and from that point on, the Waldorf salad beat out any other salad I have had or made. That is until one date night... We went to Craft Beer Market for dinner, and as soon as I saw their Waldorf salad, I had to try it. Holy crap, it was freaking delicious. I knew I could recreate this salad at home, so that's exactly what I did. For me, it's a dinner salad. No need for anything else. Just a loaded Waldorf salad. What you will need: Makes two Waldorf salads For the salad: 4 cups mixed greens; washed dried 1 celery stalk; quartered and diced 12 seedless grapes cut in half *red or green* 4 Tbsp. dried cranberries small chunk of blue cheese; crumbled 4 Tbsp. Honey Mustard vinaigrette 1 chicken breast; cut in half and … [Continue reading]

Snapshot Sunday _ Week Two


I didn't want to post twice in one day, and since Jimbo's birthday was yesterday, I thought I would share my Snapshot Sunday on Monday... and even now, I'm late posting. I has been a crazy week, and weekend and its only going to get even more crazy with Chris working nights. I have a lot of blog stuff to get done in the coming weeks and have some really exciting things happening, but I still can't spill the beans yet. I have been on the ball with taking my photos each day, but I have noticed that I have used my phone more than I wanted - so this next week I am wanting to use JUST my DSLR, and I want to take in my film... Here is week two of my Snapshot Sunday... posted on Monday because I got lazy... Ok there I admit it. I got lazy. Sunday - 11th Roasted little potatoes and carrots. Made the Vancouver Sun addition of Gastropost. Monday - 12th Wanted to take advantage of the great light we had coming in the house. This was his 'Ok I'll smile a little - hurry up … [Continue reading]

Five Years Flew By


Five years flew by... I struggled writing this post. My emotions are all over the place right now and I can't help buy cry. I'm chalking it up to lack of sleep, but really it's because I came to … [Continue reading]

Super Simple Spinach Dip

Spinach Dip

Holy crap - I feel like I haven't posted a recipe in like a month! So I am back, and I have a super simple spinach dip that I literally threw together one day.. ok it was Christmas Eve and the … [Continue reading]

30 Day Shred: Trying it Again


Growing up I was always the tall-ish lanky girl. I swear I didn't hit puberty till I was like 14. I was long, lean and didn't think twice about 'staying in shape'. Actually, to be honest, my only form … [Continue reading]

Snapshot Sunday


Ok, so I know that it's actually the second Sunday of the year, but  I wasn't here last Sunday, so I'm starting Snapshot Sunday today! Woo! Another 365 project. Last year I was apart of Catch the … [Continue reading]

A Weekend in Tofino


A weekend away was just what we needed... and then we literally could not wait to get home to see our boys. **This is a mega big post, with a bunch of photos...just giving you a warning** Our … [Continue reading]

Cherry Berry Parfait


I like quick and easy breakfasts. During the week it needs to be simple, fast and kid approved. Both my boys love yogurt and fruit, so one morning I put together an easy cherry berry parfait for … [Continue reading]