Catch the Moment 365: A Year in Review


HOLY shit balls – here we are. The last day of 2014… say what? I am going to be totally honest and say, I never EVER thought I would have completed an entire 365 project. I am always gung ho to start something, but usually burn out soon after. Not this time!! I am so […]

Week Fifty One


I’m a little late posting this – but there was no way I was going to sit down at the computer yesterday to finish editing photos and what not… I mean it was Christmas. With that being said, I hope you all had a fabulous day with your families and friends. Here we are, another […]

Week Fifty


Well this will be one of the last Catch the Moment 365 posts of 2014! I am actually going to complete this project, not missing a single day. Only two weeks left… we’re in the home stretch. Linking up as always with some fabulous ladies. Mindi from Simply Stavish, Stephanie from Behind the Camera and […]

Catch the Moment 365 _ Week Forty Nine


Forty nine weeks down, three weeks to go. Three short weeks until 2014 is over… wow. This week was hectic, stressful and I am exhausted. I have been busting my ass in the kitchen, getting everything ready for Christmas, and dealing with a two year old who is a hellion!! I hate to complain but […]

Week Forty Eight


Week forty eight of Catch the Moment was a bit dull. It’s been cold here in Vancouver, and both boys don’t handle the cold very well, so most photos are indoor, and let’s be honest – they are grainy. I really need to learn to shoot indoors! I have been busy baking and cooking up […]

Week Forty Seven


I’m totally late posting this – but hey, at least I got the sucker up. I have been crazy busy this week. Holiday shopping, school, driving – Thursday night we had a bunch of the guys come over for Pizza and to watch the Football game… San Fran lose. I have also been busy cooking […]

Week Forty Six


Six weeks left – shits getting real! I am slowly – I mean SLOWLY getting ready for Christmas. Usually the house is already decorated, but to be honest – I’ve been preoccupied. I’m hoping to have most of it up by Sunday… Linking up as always with some awesome ladies. ┬áSarah over at Nurse Love […]

Week Forty Five _ Catch the Moment 365


The year is creeping closer and closer to the end. I’ve been looking back at the start of the year and have to say, I have learned so much this past year. Not just about my camera, and photography itself – but a lot as a mother and a wife. Week forty five was an […]

Forty Three Weeks _ Catch the Moment 365


Well hot damn! We hit 300 days! It’ll be Christmas before we know it… holy shit. This week again is a mish-mash of moments. Some food photos, a creeper and an outtake of the boys. I was kind of lazy this week, don’t judge, but since the days are getting shorter and the rains have […]

Catch the Moment 365 _ Week 41


Its been one of those weeks… I am so glad today is Friday. I’m going to keep this short and sweet. Another week of mumble jumble photos. An Instagram photo made it’s way in – I don’t know how that happened. I even took my camera with us when we went Halloween costume shopping – […]